What is Touch Tech Accounting?

We coined the term TouchTech  to name our Accounting style, which relies on the touch of human service (touch) combined with technology and automated systems (tech). So, TouchTech Accounting is the most complete methodology for meeting your company’s accounting needs, with humanized service and technology. 

Are there any other forms of service besides chat or e-mail?

Yes, we always like to be in touch with our customers and we really value humanized service. If you don’t like chat or email, you can talk to us via Whatsapp, phone or online meeting. If you feel comfortable and safe, we can also meet in person. Our priority is to serve you in the […]

Will my future company have an accountant as its technical manager?

Yes! Your company will be opened with an accountant who specializes in your future company’s market. Accompanying and assisting with all the necessary accounting processes. The accountant will also be your company’s technical manager before the tax authorities. 

What is the Welcome Meeting?

It’s our first meeting with your accountant (online or in person), where he or she will explain how to use the Facilite platform. It is an extremely important meeting for you to understand all the processes and routines of your company’s accounting.

Does Facilite open companies for free?

Yes, in cities that have the one-stop-shop system, for example, it is possible to open your business in as little as one hour and completely free of charge. Check with your Facilite consultant which cities fit this rule;

What is a fiscal address?

Fiscal address, or domicile for tax purposes, is the place you indicate in the company’s documentation (MEI registration, articles of incorporation, etc.) as a reference for issues related to the tax authorities, registration with the Board of Trade, address with the Internal Revenue Service, among other possible documents.

How do I hire a fiscal address?

Contact our sales team, we have a network of partners throughout the country with special conditions for Facilite customers.