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Simplify your accounting and tax routines

With the help of accountants who are experts in your segment, with Facilite you can protect your company from the tax authorities and control your business’s finances from wherever you are.

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  • What is included in the monthly fee?

    Our service package was designed to meet all of your company's basic accounting needs. See everything that is included in your monthly fee:

    - Accountant who will take care of the technical responsibility and service of your company

    - Issuance of Monthly Tax Slips

    - Payroll Calculation

    - IRPJ – Corporate Income Tax

    - Issuance of employee payslips

    - Generation of Monthly Social Security Slips

    - Completing and sending monthly social security statements (GFIP/GPS/CAGED)

    - Issuer of Electronic Service Invoices – NFSe

    - Import of invoices in batch (NFe)

    - Generation of annual financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.)

    - Bookkeeping of Diary and Ledger Books

    - Issuance of management reports through the system

    - Bank statement/financial manager classification tool

    - Monitoring of confirmation of payment of Simples Guides by RF

    - Online service via Whatsapp, call and email

    And you will also have access to our complete web system!

    - Easy access and control (Web, IOS, Android)

    - Issuance of Service Invoices

    - Financial Control of Expenses

    - Customer base

    - Bank reconciliation

    - Consultation and automatic download of Electronic Purchase Invoices


    *Additional R$50.00 per employee registered with CLT

    *Contractual Change of Tax Address R$ 199.90 + Commercial Board fees (it is extremely necessary to have the e-CPF)

    *Our billing model has no minimum loyalty or cancellation fee and, therefore, our payments are prepaid.

  • What is TouchTech Accounting?

    We created the term TouchTech Accounting to name our style of Accounting model, which has the touch of human service (touch) combined with technology and automated systems (tech). So, TouchTech Accounting is the most complete methodology to meet your company's accounting needs, with humanized service and technology.

  • How does Facilite differ from other online accounting models?

    We differentiate ourselves by being the largest Accounting marketplace in Brazil, serving more than 700 cities in Brazil and connecting more than 15 thousand companies to the best specialist Accountants. Furthermore, we provide fully humanized service. Here you will never talk to a robot that doesn't understand your questions and doesn't help you solve your company's day-to-day problems.

  • Does Facilite serve any type of company?

    We are specialists in Simples Nacional companies, but through our platform you can connect with an Accountant who specializes in your type of company, such as; presumed profit, third sector entities, condominiums, startups, etc.

  • Does Facilite open companies for free?

    Yes! In cities that have a one-stop shop system, for example, it is possible to open your company in up to 1 hour and completely free of charge. Consult the cities that fit this rule with your Facilite consultant.