Switching accountants is very simple. Plans from
$ 49.90/month

Specialist accountants by segment or location,

ready to get your business off the ground.

Change your meter quickly and conveniently.

Migrating your company has never been easier

What your process will be like

First Contact

Fill in the form and wait for one of our consultants to contact you.


If you feel the need, make an appointment with an accountant.

Registering on the platform

Register your company and configure the data in the system

Welcome meeting

Hold the welcome meeting with your future accountant.

Basic routines

That’s it! Now it’s time to get on with the basic monthly routines.

A simple and secure platform

Simplify your accounting and tax routines

With the help of accountants who are experts in your segment, with Facilite you can protect your company from the tax authorities and control your business’s finances from wherever you are.

Partner Accountants
Active Companies
Cities Served

Go beyond "Accounting"

Have a systemic view of your company and count on the help of experts to help you make better decisions.

Keep your organization operating within the law and without complications with the Tax Authorities. We calculate all your taxes and issue guides.

Balance sheets

Have an accurate idea of the financial health of your business, this helps you make strategic investment decisions and allocate your resources


A clear view of expenses, expenses, profit or loss. Monitor your company’s achievements of results and performance evaluation over time.


Understand the financial and asset situation of your business. Considered one of the most important statements for the management and administration of a company.

Tax Bookkeeping

Understand the financial and asset situation of your business. Considered one of the most important statements for the management and administration of a company.


Focus on management, not bureaucracy. We take care of admission, termination, commissions, overtime, night work, family salary, vacations, 13th salary, etc.


We send information about the company’s tax and accounting transactions, proving compliance with tax duties as a Legal Entity.


The income report is a way of certifying whether the partners and the company declared the amount correctly. Attesting to what was paid in pro-labore and dividends.

Perguntas Frequentes

  • What is Touch Tech Accounting?
    We coined the term TouchTech  to name our Accounting style, which relies on the touch of human service (touch) combined with technology and automated systems (tech). So, TouchTech Accounting is the most complete methodology for meeting your company's accounting needs, with humanized service and technology. 
  • Are there any other forms of service besides chat or e-mail?
    Yes, we always like to be in touch with our customers and we really value humanized service. If you don't like chat or email, you can talk to us via Whatsapp, phone or online meeting. If you feel comfortable and safe, we can also meet in person. Our priority is to serve you in the best possible way, always safely;
  • Will my future company have an accountant as its technical manager?
    Yes! Your company will be opened with an accountant who specializes in your future company's market. Accompanying and assisting with all the necessary accounting processes. The accountant will also be your company's technical manager before the tax authorities. 
  • What is the Welcome Meeting?
    It's our first meeting with your accountant (online or in person), where he or she will explain how to use the Facilite platform. It is an extremely important meeting for you to understand all the processes and routines of your company's accounting.
  • Is there a 13th payment for services?
    No, we don't charge our customers the 13th. The charge is for the 12 months of the year.