We are a multidisciplinary team focused on ensuring the best possible experience for our customers.

Arthur Marreira


Meire Julião


Mileide Sousa


Camila Maciel


Marcilene Pissarra

Digital certification

Levi Braz


Gilvan Santos


Janaína Machado

Tax Department

Ana Guimarães

Legalization of Companies

Beatriz Mitie

Partner Accountant

Luciana Brito

Tax Department

Rafael Ribeiro

Accounting department

Carolina Pissarra




This is one of our main principles, because without ethics in our relationships, it would be difficult for us to achieve any of the other values that drive us as a team.


Partnership is a factor that makes a difference in our relationship with our customers, we are not just a service provider for them, we operate with a focus on being partners that contribute to each one’s growth.


Empathy is essential to better deal with the difficulties our partners have, after all, we need to understand their problems and find solutions based on our experiences.


A key factor in the satisfaction of our customers is the good service that our team seeks to provide on a daily basis, this is non-negotiable for us.


We select the accountant who will serve you according to your company’s specifications, so that you can count on an expert to assist you with your main needs.


Our operations are completely transparent to our partners, to ensure that you are always aware of the necessary information for the smooth running of your company.


We have a team that acts in a proactive way, to solve any needs or possible problem, in the fastest time, and communicate any changes that the customer needs to be aware of.

The world would be a better place if entrepreneurs and accountants could focus on the structural growth of a company and not waste time with bureaucracy and repetitive work.​