Your Digital Certificate up to date with just one click

The digital certificate allows the issuance of an Electronic Invoice, Electronic Services Invoice and Consumer Invoice.

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Increase your sales

Companies need simple and practical software to issue electronic invoices. Don’t waste time filling out repetitive data. The Facilite system does this work for you.

Take care of what matters most

With less time dedicated to bureaucracy, focus on what brings the most results for your company; sales, marketing, strategic planning, etc. Leave the boring part to us.

Integrate and grow

Eliminate manual and boring tasks from your company. Create incredible integrations between the web tools you use most. And the best: without writing a single line of code. Facilite integrates with the main platforms on the market.

Always up to date with the tax authorities

Every entrepreneur must issue an invoice when carrying out any business operation. The obligation applies to individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs)*, microentrepreneurs (ME) and small businesses (EPPs).

Simplified Installation

Designed to provide efficiency for your business. With the digital certificate in hand, you can transmit your first invoice in less than 10 minutes.

What will your process be like?

Access the Platform

Access the Facilite platform and request your Digital Certificate.

Schedule validation

As Facilite’s certificate team already has your company’s data, it is much more practical to organize and validate your documentation.

Online validation

The validation process carried out by Facilite is done online and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes.


After generating the A1 certificate, proceed to configure it in Facilite. Your accountant will be able to help you with the installation at any time.

Upload to the platform

Ready! Access the Facilite platform and count on the help of your accountant to upload your A1 digital certificate.