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Facilite’s invoice issuer helps you issue invoices quickly, practically and integrated.

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Increase your sales

Companies needs a simple and practical software to issue electronic invoices. Don’t waste time filling out repetitive data. The Facilite system does this work for you.


Take care of what matters most

Dedicate less time to bureaucracy, and focus on what brings the most results for your company; sales, marketing, strategic planning, etc. Leave the boring part to us.

Integrate and grow

Eliminate manual and boring tasks from your company. Create incredible integrations between the web tools you use most. And the best: without writing a single line of code. Facilite integrates with the main platforms on the market.

Always up to date with the tax authorities

Each entrepreneur must issue an invoice when carrying out any business operation. The obligation applies to individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs)*, microentrepreneurs (ME) and small businesses (EPPs).

Discover other features

Facilite stands out to help your company grow responsibly
Emissor de Nota Fiscal
Invoice issuer

Avoid problematic city hall transmitters. Issue invoices in an uncomplicated way and fill in the initial data just once.

Manifestação de NF
Invoice Manifestation

Consult, receive and organize your invoices safely. All this in a single tool and in an automated way.

Gestão Financeira
Financial management

Import entries from your statement and keep your cash flow up to date. Save time without having to record payments and receipts manually.


Save your company files and photos to Facilite Docs and access them on any device, from virtually anywhere.

Conta Digital Facilite
Digital Account

The CORA Facilite Digital Account is an optional, free and 100% integrated Legal Entity (PJ) current account with your company’s accounting.

Certificado Digital
Digital certificate

Ensure the security of your company and purchase your digital certificate at a discount from AC DocCloud.

Thousands of entrepreneurs trust in Facilite

Walkirio Saraiva Rocha
Walkirio Saraiva Rocha
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Very good and helpful, always answers our questions
Rodrigo Rabelo
Rodrigo Rabelo
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I have a law office in Brasília-DF and I am a Facilite client. They have the best accounting service for companies. Specially focused on companies that are starting up. Fair price, combined with technology and an extremely competent team. Are the best.
Malu Melo
Malu Melo
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I'm a customer and I highly recommend it! Excellent service with great agility and efficiency! The app is intuitive and practical, congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to import notes automatically?
    Invoices need to be imported manually into our platform. The import can be done in a "batch" which facilitates the flow. But if you need support during the process, we will always be available to help you step by step.
  • Is it possible to cancel an invoice through the Facilite system?
    Yes, within 24 hours of issuing the note. After this period, only through an administrative process with the city hall. But within 24 hours it is possible to cancel any NF-e through our platform. Simply select the note in question and click Cancel.
  • After the deadline for canceling an invoice has passed, what should I do?
    After 24 hours after issuing the note, the cancellation of the tax document can only be carried out through an administrative procedure. To do this, it is necessary to schedule the service in advance and present the necessary documents, required by the Subsecretariat of Revenue, located in the Inspection Department - the unit responsible for the NFS-e cancellation operation. But don't worry, your accountant partner will solve it for you. Another factor that is important to pay attention to is whether or not the service was provided. This is because the generating event for the ISS is the performance of the service. This way, if the service is not provided, there is no tax to be collected and the NFS-e can be cancelled. But if the service was provided, the tax will need to be paid even if the policyholder has not paid the service note to the provider. This makes it impossible to cancel NFS-e.
  • I have my own issuer, is it possible to import my notes into the Facilite system?
    Yes, it is possible! You can download the notes in ".xml" format from your system and import them to our platform to keep your tax documents organized and already shared with your accountant.
  • Does he issue sales invoices?
    No. Our issuer only issues service invoices.