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We look forward to helping you! We open your company for free in the main capitals.

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    Benefits of opening your company with Facilite

    We always like to be close at this important moment in a company's journey. That's why we offer the following benefits to our new clients:

    Abrir empresa com custo zero

    Zero Cost

    Don’t spend a penny* to start your project! Pay only for your Accounting with plans starting at $19.90* per month.

    Quick opening

    If the opening system of your city’s Board of Trade is integrated with the One-Stop Shop, you can open your company in minutes.

    Personalized service

    Count on the support of a specialized accountant throughout the process of starting a business.

    Abrir Empresa de Casa
    Without leaving home

    Open your company with the support of the Facilite team, you don’t have to leave your home or waste time at any stage of the process.

    Open a company

    Opening your company with Facilite is quick and practical

    What will your process be like?

    Primeiro Contato

    Fill out the form and we will contact you with plans that serve you and an accountant in your region!


    As Facilite’s certificate team already has your company’s data, it is much more practical to organize and validate your documentation.

    Opening form

    The validation process carried out by Facilite is done online and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes.


    Após gerar o certificado A1, prossiga para configurá-lo na Facilite. A qualquer momento o seu contador poderá lhe ajudar na instalação.

    Active Company

    Ready! Access the Facilite platform and count on the help of your accountant to upload your A1 digital certificate.

    Perguntas Frequentes sobre Abertura de Empresa

    • Do I need to worry about sending my clients' Accessory Obligations?
      No. Facilite, together with the operational team and its bots, will be responsible for this.
    • Does Facilite open companies for free?
      • Yes, in cities that have the one-stop-shop system, for example, it is possible to open your business in as little as one hour and completely free of charge. Check with your Facilite consultant which cities fit this rule;
    • If I don't have a physical address, what do I do?
      • If you don't want to use your home address, you can use the tax address services offered by coworkings. Facilite has a network of partners so you can choose the one that best suits you.
    • What is a fiscal address?
      • Fiscal address, or domicile for tax purposes, is the place you indicate in the company's documentation (MEI registration, articles of incorporation, etc.) as a reference for issues related to the tax authorities, registration with the Board of Trade, address with the Internal Revenue Service, among other possible documents.
    • How do I hire a fiscal address?
      • Contact our sales team, we have a network of partners throughout the country with special conditions for Facilite customers.
    • Do I need a physical address to register my company with the IRS?
      • It is compulsory for all companies to provide a physical address in the opening process. In some city halls it is permitted to use a residential address, but this will depend on the type of company and the activities it will be carrying out;In the case of MEI, according to the National Statute for Micro and Small Businesses (Complementary Law No. 123 of 2006), it can be used for any activity. See below:  Art. 18-A - § 25. The MEI may use its residence as the establishment's headquarters, when it is not essential to have its own place to carry out the activity.
    • How long does it take to open a business?
      • It really depends on your region and your company's legal model. It can vary from 30 minutes to 30 days! Our experts will guide you through the process, following the deadlines and regulations in your region;
    • What is the advantage of opening my company with Facilite?
      • In addition to our affordable prices, our close service to our clients and the technology we provide, we also take care of the entire process of opening your company with specialized accountants so that it can be done as quickly as possible, eliminating bureaucracy from the process.
    • What is the initial investment to open my company?
        • Opening accounting fees: R$ 299.90  (In some cities we exempt this fee)  
        • Board of Trade fee: Between R$160.00 and R$300.00 (depending on the type of company).
        • e-CPF: R$ 135,00
        • e-CNPJ: R$ 200.00 
      *Note: In the case of free opening, disregard the fees.
    • Can my company be registered with Simples Nacional?
      • The classification of your company under the Simples Nacional regime will depend on the type of product and/or service you offer. Our specialist accountant in charge of opening your company will assess all the possibilities so that the best framework can be established for your company. Remember that in addition to the Simples Nacional tax system (Complementary Law 123/2006), there are also the options of the Real Profit or Presumed Profit tax systems.

    Cresça de forma enxuta e responsável.
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